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Belle Joy

Belle Jo

The Christmas of 2010 was a memorable one for our family! Up until this point we had only owned large breed dogs with our loves being Golden Retrievers and Black Labs. After researching extensively on a good small breed dog for our family of six we concluded that our choice must include a poodle mix of some kind due to intelligence and not shedding. My parents surprised us with a tiny Malti-poo puppy on Christmas Eve. Us four sisters still remember pulling her out of the box and fighting over who would hold her. Belle Joy Lyberg goes down as the hands-down BEST Christmas gift we’ve ever received! She quickly wrapped herself around each of our hearts and has a unique relationship with each one of us. Although she is small, weighing in about 7 pounds, she is top dog and you could say high maintenance. She does not contribute to our breeding program but gave us a glimpse of how wonderful the poodle breed is…therefore, Sister Doodles has her to thank! We just celebrated her 10th birthday and find it hard to imagine life without this spunky, sassy, little mite of a dog.


On Valentine’s Day 2012 we again added another very special family member. We handpicked Beast, the largest pup out of a litter of 12 black Labrador retrievers. He also is not a contributor to the business of Sister Doodles, but he is a big, playful, lazy, loyal, & loveable member of the family. Princess Belle & Beast are quite the pair.

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