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Delivery Options

We offer a puppy nanny service. We will fly right to your nearest airport and hand deliver your puppy to you. This would come with the fee of a plane ticket, the puppy's ticket fee of $125, and a fee of $500 for the time. Another option would be to fly yourself into the Minneapolis airport to pick up your puppy and then pay to fly them back with you. Make sure to plan ahead as plane tickets can get spendy if not booked in advance. There are other delivery options that could be set up depending on where you are located. Contact us with any more questions you may have.

Check out Up North Puppy Nannies if you are interested in a flight nanny!

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Airlines we LOVE when       traveling with a pet!                                          

  • Delta 

  • SunCountry 

  • Southwest 

  • JetBlue 

  • American

  •  Allegiant

Airlines to STAY AWAY from when traveling with a pet!      


  • United

  • Frontier  

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