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Our Recommendations For Your New Puppy

“We want our pets to live LONGER lives, right? Our choices in the food and treats we feed make a BIG difference!”  Choose wisely and don’t be fooled by packages and advertising.  


Making sure your dog is eating a high quality dry food is SO IMPORTANT!!!  We feed our puppies Science Diet Puppy Small Bites. (We will include a 1-quart bag of this food in your puppy bag to tide you over until you get more…you will receive this when you pick up your puppy. We highly recommend that you feed this to your puppy until they are about 1 year old.)      











Besides food, the next most important thing in your dog’s diet is a vitamin that is going to give them the other nutrients they need that isn’t found in their main food.

We highly recommend NuVet Plus:


If you click on any of the pictures on this page it will direct you right to!


Nourish your precious pet with a treat they love! NuVet Plus helps OPTIMIZE health. Even the highest quality dog foods are cooked, and as a result, the heat minimizes nutrients. While they do provide macro-nutrients, NuVet Plus is cold processed and provides rich micro-nutrients that optimize health.  It’s a treat they love. NuVet Plus is a full spectrum immune system builder; not a vitamin. It's filled with synergistic blend of anti-oxidants, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and more designed to promote healthy cells and to help the pet's immune system at its peak.  Healthy cells = healthy pets! NuVet Plus is natural; no artificial flavors, artificial fillers, artificial binders, or grains. This gives it superior absorption and utilization in the body, allowing the ingredients to be more effectively absorbed through the cellular walls.  NuVet Plus is sourced & manufactured in the USA in an FDA registered, human pharmaceutical laboratory; almost unheard of in the pet food & pet supplement industry. This assures the very highest quality, potency and purity. In other words, what you see on the label is what you get, exactly.  Studies have shown that products manufactured with less controls, don't always provide what it says on the label and may contain harmful ingredients. NuVet Plus ingredients are natural and human grade. So, called "animal or feed grade" allows for a manufacturer to include by-products, chemicals, fillers and meats from dying or diseased animals; something NuVet Labs would never allow or condone. NuVet Plus is perfect for outwardly healthy dogs. By keeping the immune system functioning at peak performance the pet is better equipped to stay healthy. For puppies and kittens, it helps to boost their still maturing immune system - critically important! Note: A pet that appears healthy may not be. Taking NuVet plus daily can help eliminate this potentially dangerous situation. NuVet Plus can help your pet deal with environmental conditions, including pollutants in the air, pesticides and more. The powerful antioxidants found in NuVet plus can help combat the free radicals resulting from the environment. NuVet Plus is safe! It's virtually 100% water soluble and food based, making it almost impossible for a pet to overdose. It's also safe to take with medications. NuVet Plus really works! View the testimonials, found at NuVet Plus comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee (60 days) or your money back. We feed NuVet to our puppies starting at 5 weeks of age. We highly recommend that you keep on giving it to them after they are placed in their forever homes. (We include a 3-day supply of NuVet in your puppy bag. You will receive this when you pick up your puppy. This 3-day supply can be used to tide your puppy over till you get more; however, we highly recommend that you place an order through NuVet before you receive your puppy.)

Protect. Strengthen. Support your precious Pet…

Make sure you have many, many, healthy- happy years together.

20 years recall free

800-474-7044 | | $16 monthly on auto-ship


A Nourishing daily treat LOVED by pets… Recommended by Vets

“As a Veterinarian, it is my responsibility and personal commitment to research and recommend products that are the best for each animal….I have integrated both supplements (NuVet Plus and NuJoint) into my treatment protocols for a variety of issues.…feedback from my clients has also been very positive” You provide an easy way for them to be 100% compliant, & thereby help their pets to live healthier, happier lives”.

 - Judith M. Shoemaker, DVM

The American Veterinary Medical Association Practitioner of the Year, 2011-2012

Here at Sister Doodles our goal is to give our Forever Families the Longest-Healthiest- Happiest life with their precious new puppy.  Of all the items you purchase for your pup, NONE is more important than quality food and NuVet Plus immune booster. Your pup is most vulnerable when going to their new home. Please continue to protect your puppy’s still maturing immune system and order before pick up.  It’s a treat they LOVE for $16 a month.  Let’s optimize the health of your precious pet:  Click here to learn more or order:



Fortunately, these days you can find all-natural treats formulated without grain, animal byproducts or GM ingredients. However, it's important to keep in mind that many high-quality commercial treats still contain some type of starch, fillers or sweeteners which aren’t ideal. ALWAYS use pure human-grade treats, when possible. About the most basic (and well-loved) protein-only treat is good 'ol cooked, cubed chicken breast. It's cheap, easy and simple. There are plenty of higher-end freeze-dried and dehydrated 100 percent meat treats on the market, but you still need to do research to identify sourcing and purity.

Treats Should Be Sourced in the U.S. and Made in the U.S.

Legally, pet food manufacturers can make the "made in the USA" claim as long as the product was assembled in this country — even if the ingredients are imported. So, when you're shopping for safe treats, it's not enough that a product claims to be made in the U.S. You want to be sure all the ingredients originated here as well. The U.S., of course, produces its own share of tainted products, but as a general rule, the contaminating agent is quickly identified, and immediate action is taken to remove the product from store shelves. Although you should be making sure that your dog’s products are made in the U.S., We have found some products from China such as Golden Rewards treats that we recommend. Even though this brand is made in China we did our research and these treats are made with all-natural ingredients that are good for your little fluffy friend. Don’t ever assume something is good or bad….do your research and decide if it is something you would want to feed your beloved baby. It's important to know and trust your treat company's commitment to purity and quality control.

Treats Should Be High-Quality

A high-quality pet treat will not contain grains or unnecessary fillers, rendered animal byproducts, added sugar (sometimes hidden in ingredients like molasses and honey), chemicals, artificial preservatives or ingredients known to be highly allergenic to pets. These criteria rule out the vast majority of commercial pet treats on the market. Most high-quality, human-grade pet food producers, which are typically smaller companies, also make a few types of treats. So, if you're feeding your dog a high-quality commercial pet food you trust, see if the manufacturer also makes treats. Another option is to shop online, especially if you've done your research and know exactly what you're looking for.

NuVet is a great daily treat option we highly recommend but if you love to reward your little furry friend more often than once a day here are some other recommendations. Pet Botanics Training Reward treats are a great small, soft treat to give to your dog whenever he/she needs a little rewarding. These work great for potty training. Another great option is 100% All-Natural Freeze-Dried Beef Liver. Freeze Dried Liver is really high in iron and other needed nutrients. We have found that our dogs have much more energy when they get a couple of these each day. There are other freeze dried meat options as well on   


Other treats we recommend are all-natural meat or jerky treats. True Chews are a great brand. They have a lot of different options of different kinds of meat chews.

A couple great cheap treat options are ice cubes, carrot sticks, or slices of apples. All of our dogs love these treats. They are such good, cheap, all- natural treats!


If you are looking for a type of bone or chew that will last longer for your little friend we recommend Nutri-Chomps or natural chew toys such as antlers or horns. DO NOT FEED YOUR DOG RAWHIDE!!! Look up on YouTube the dangers of rawhide for dogs and you will be disgusted. Rawhide can also be a choking hazard and is just an all-around bag choice for your beloved pet.


Other Basics:

·  Food and water bowls (We recommend stainless steel- avoid plastic as it can leach into the food/water.)

·  Bed

·  ID tag and collar

·  Puppy waste bags (For those walks)

·  Crate/Kennel or Exercise Pen (If you plan to crate train your puppy.) (Midwest is a great brand…Exercise Pens are a great choice or just a regular wire kennel. Stay away from plastic as they tend to chew on the sides.)

·  Puppy pee pads (If you plan to train your pup indoors)

·  Paper towels and spot cleaner (For those accidents)

·  Toys (Teething toys, balls for fetch, and plush toys or ropes for tug of war)

·  Shampoo and conditioner (We recommend BioSilk…make sure to not use human products on your dog.)

·  Dog brush and comb (Keeping up on grooming is super important. Whether you choose to groom your new puppy yourself or have them professionally groomed...keeping up on brushing is a must.)

·  Nail clipper

·  Dog tooth brush and toothpaste (We highly recommend doing this….it will really improve the health and well-being of your dog. It is super important to start this at a young age as the older they get the harder it can get.)







· Ear cleaner (Keeping a doodles ears clean is very important. They have hair that grows in their ears that needs to be plucked out. Regular hair plucking and cleaning will prevent ear infections. If you don't feel comfortable doing this on your own at home make sure to mention it to your groomer.) 


Other Important Tips:

·  Try to stay away from any products that have unnecessary dye in them. 


·  The best place to get any dog supplies online is through They have the best customer service as well as great prices. I highly recommend ordering stuff through them. If you click on any of the pictures above it will bring you right to the products at 


·  Always make sure your dog has fresh clean water available at all times!


·  It can be very hard on your dog’s stomach to be switching up your dog’s diet frequently. We recommend that you pick a good, well rounded diet and keep it the same unless directed to change by your vet due to health problems.

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